Studio Technik

Informationen zu verwendetem Studio Equipment

General technical informations

the technical equipment used for make music compositions don't tell very much about the quality of music. But today a successfull music is not only the art of composition, also a good sound is necessary to produce music score. Especially music for film, games or other digital media must be of a well known and modern sound.
The best composition don't work if it don't sound.

Our equipment isn't comparable with them of Broadcast studios making the big Hollywood sound. We don't record real orchesters in big rooms with an expensive postproduction.
But we're using some similar computer programs and systems as the big ones and thanks to modern computer technologies we're able to produce a very good sound for smaller and inexpensive budgets.

At the choice of our components we place importance of good a balance between quality and price.

Because of using industry standard formats, we're able to give our work to high end studios for further processing on a higher level.

With the use of digital audio processing, today it's possible to achive state of the art results. Our digital audio workstations using technologies like sampling, dsp-systems and digital audio processing on a very high level.

Man of our hard- and software systems, like Pro Tools from Avid, are widespread in the audio industry and this makes us possible to collaborate with professional studios worldwide.

Here some more information about our equipments.

Excerpt from our technical equipment

  • Presonus Studio One Professional
  • AVID Pro Tools 10
  • Focusrite DSP Audio Interface
  • Soniccore Scope DSP System
  • Studioprojects Mikrofon und Preamp
  • t-bone Mikrofone
  • Yamaha HS Series Monitore
  • Softwaresampler NI Kontakt, Motu Machfive, EW Play, VSL
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro Samplervernetzung
  • Studiologic Acuna 88 Masterkeyboard
  • Convolution Reverbs von Liquidsonics, Altiverb
  • Ozone 5 Mastering
  • High Quality Effektplugins
  • ... uvm.

Instruments and sound libraries

  • Vienna Symphonic Libary SE, div. Single Instrumente
  • 8DIO Adagio Series
  • CinematicStrings 2
  • Cinesamples CineBrass Pro
  • Cinesamples CineWinds Pro
  • Project Sam Symphobia
  • Soundiron Apocalypse Percussions
  • Spitfire HZ Percussions
  • 8Dio Taiko Percussions
  • Sonokinetic Libraries
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • EWQL, Virharmonic Choirs
  • Heavyocity AEON
  • 8Dio Hybrid Tools
  • ... uvm.