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this webpages gives you informations about our musical work for film and media

Neoterra Studio is a german privat, non comercial, primarly one person organization in the field of activities for music productions of film and digital media. We make orchestral mockup compositions for movies, games, radioplay and internet media platforms. The person behind Neoterra Studio is Markus Dages, a self appointed and talented composer. Sometimes I collaborate with other musicians and composers.

Our music is free of GEMA or other collecting society!
Our primary work are digital orchestral arrangements with influences of modern hybrid scoring.

We hope this website gives you an overview about us. Because Neoterra Studio is small german organization and most of our contracts are german, some of the content on this websites are only in german language availabe. I'm sorry about that, but if you want to know something specific, don't hesitate to get in contact with me.