About us

Neoterra Studio

is a privat, non comercial, project music studio of Markus Dages, an self appointed film composer. The name "Neoterra" is fictitious without any regard to any insitution or company.

The goal our efforts are to compose music for your projects like movies, TV productions, games, multimedia, shows or internet platforms.

Our orchestral music mockups are my with modern Digital Audio Workstations by using virtual instruments and sample libraries.

We're focused on non- and low-profit organization in the field of movie- or game productions. Although we're also able to do some bigger work for commercial too, we can not fullfill the requirements of Hollywood productions.

Because we're producing music free of GEMA and other collecting society, our work is suitable for non-profit projects like student work of filmschools or amateur movie.
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Please note, that it can take some days until we response.